Celebrities With Most Attractive Eyes


Did you see her eyes?

Beautiful eyes really stand out and are considered to have vital role to embellish our look. Eyes are the most prominent feature on our face and define the beauty. So I have just tried to marshal up those beautiful angles with amazing eyes on our planet. It really was tough and an amazing experience to choose celebrities with most amazing eyes. I’m pretty much sure that you must agree upon me with this little post.

cameron diaz beautiful eyes


With those amazing features Diaz has a large number of fans all across the globe. She is the girl gifted with killing eyes and a charming smile. Entering the glam and glitz of stardom with her blockbuster movie “The Mask” she had all the skills to be in the spotlights. Furthermore this American beauty has been signed as the “Tag Heuer Girl” for her dedicated fans.

olga kurylenko beautiful eyes


Yet another gorgeous lady with attractive eyes on earth “Olga Kurylenko”. Olga is a French actress and model playing a leading role in Quantum of Solace, 22nd James bond film. She rose to fame in the glamorous world of Hollywood. This beautiful lady worth ranked amongst celebrities with most beautiful eyes.

Mila kunis beautiful eyes

When it’s about beautiful eyes, how would one miss this lovely lady? Working in a commercial for Lisa Frank product line she started her career towards her dreams. This 31 years old beauty has got the most attractive eyes on planet and it’s probably the reason that every snapshot is a perfect tailor-made cover-page shot.

Charlize theron beautiful eyes


“Wish I could see myself in her eyes.”
Winning so many awards this American actress and a supermodel has got quiet an attractive resume. While searching for beautiful eyes, I’m sure one would come across this beautiful lady as she has wildly attractive eyes. Theron has starred in many HOLLYWOOD movies such as The Devil’s Advocate, Mighty Joe Young, The Cider House Rules, and Mad Max: Fury Road. Apart from her busy schedule in HOLLYWOOD Theron has a nice portfolio as a social activist, working with UN for peace and supporting African youth in the fight against HIV/AIDS. She was named among 50 most beautiful people in the world (2000) by a magazine.

Kristen Stewart beautiful eyes


The face of CHANEL and BALENCIAGA fashion houses and the girl of “The Twilight Saga” film series which has marked over $ 3.2 billion worldwide. Certainly Stewart has those amazing eyes on planet that may take you to the dreams. Stewart has been in spotlights not for her beautiful features and charming looks but for her statistics. She was listed as the highest earning actress in 2010 by the Vanity Fair magazine with an estimated earning of $28.5 million. Kristen Stewart was also the 1st sought name in Forbes magazine’s list of “Hollywood Best Actor for the Buck” in 2011. She also marked herself as the highest paid actress in 2012 with an estimated earning of $ 34.5 million.

Milla Jovovich eyes


The cover girl for more than a hundred magazines, Ukrainian-born HOLLYWOOD celebrity, supermodel, fashion designer, and singer, Milla Jovovich deserved her spot among the “Celebrities with beautiful eyes”. I believe Milla has got those desperate eyes one may fall in love with. She was the name in 2005 FHM list of “100 sexiest women in the world”. With a character of ALICE in RESIDENT EVIL she was the directors’ dream and probably the most desired celebrity.

Angelina Jolie beautiful eyes


Guess what? I didn’t have to think for once; surely Angelina Jolie is the sensational beauty on earth with beautiful eyes. She is the super-star with lots of superlative qualities and a best human. Probably, if not, she is the dream girl of every single guy. Tomb Rider, Wanted, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Salt, this lady has claimed many of the blockbuster movies in HOLLYWOOD. Being UNHCR ambassador she definitely showed her compassion for humanity.
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