How to make MAC Lipsticks with crayons in 4 easy steps

How to make MAC Lipsticks with crayons in 4 easy steps:

How to make MAC Lipsticks with crayons in 4 easy steps

Hello dearest followers hope you might have had amazing plans for this weekend, let’s get fingers crossed hoping that everything falls into the plan perfectly. Well for me this weekend seems to have a lot fun but more importantly I’m so pleased to share with you one of the most amazing DIY tutorial I’ve seen on internet, it was a perfect surprise package for me when I first went through it. I’m sure this blog post is going rock you as I was totally blown away at first.

So, in order to make this weekend filled with love and joy that you truly deserve here we go with the most incredible DIY “How to make your own Lipstick at home using crayon colors” with these pretty easy steps. Reading out this post I’m sure you’ll be quite capable of making your own lipstick in more than 30 different colors. Now you don’t have to spend a lot of money over those expensive brands in the market for most of the colors. Furthermore, using this DIY you’ll be pretty much at home making your own beauty stuff that might not be quite similar to the original ones but it really is a fun to use your own-made lipstick collection.

Enough me talking let’s get on to the real work….
Before we begin making our own lipstick it’s essential to talk about the stuff we need:
  • Coconut Oil
  • Crayon colors (choose your favorite color and make sure you have chosen a trusted brand for it)
  • A stirring stick.
  • A knife to cut the crayons.
  • A pot of water
  • And a glass bowl

DIY Lipstick Tutorial

Step 1.

Take a pot quarter filled with water as it perfectly generates the temperature and put it onto the stove and put a glass bowl in a same pot. Set the temperature to low-medium.

Step 2.

Now step 2 is to put half a tea-spoon of coconut oil into the bowl and let it melt. Once it’s done put in the small 1-inch piece of a crayon color that’s been cut with knife. And make sure that wrapping paper has been already taken off the crayon, choose whatever color you like.

Step 3.

Step 3 is to stir the crayon with the help of a stick and keep on doing it until the crayon is melt and mixed well with the coconut oil. Now for sake of the desired result check out for the after effect by applying that mixture on the back of your palm using stirring stick and rubbing it with your finger, you can add little more crayon if needed. Using coconut oil is a good choice as it gives a shiny look wearing it.

Step 4.

Now finally pore this mixture into the empty lipstick tube and let it cool down. Here we are with amazing DIY lipstick ready for use.
Now you can either use it directly or you can use lipstick brush to wear it on.

Hope you guys might have enjoyed this little DIY. The most amazing thing that indulged me to write about this DIY is, it’s safe for use and non-toxic which really is quite overwhelming. We look forward to your participation and suggestions, use comment box for the purpose. And now you can join our official page on facebook… HAPPY WEEKEND!

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